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Weapons of Mass Destruction: What Will Be New in the 2022 NATO Strategic Concept?

Rose Gottemoeller, Steven C. Házy Lecturer at CISAC
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 6/27/22 (Author)

The Ministers of Defense at the NATO headquarters in Brussells

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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Why Ukraine Has Better Manpower than Russia

Times Radio, 7/04/22 (Interview)

NATO Changes Represent 'Biggest Overhaul' Ever

CBC News, 6/29/22 (Interview)

Restructuring the Security Order of Europe

NHK World, 6/28/22 (Interview)

Why It’s Crucial that the G7 and NATO Summits are Back-to-Back

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 6/27/22 (Interview)


From Michael McFaul, FSI Director:

Russia Invited to G20 Summit in Indonesia

Meet the Press, 6/30/22 (Interview)

From Kiyoteru Tsutsui, Deputy Director of Shorenstein APARC:

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In Southeast Asia, the United States Needs to Up its Economic Game

Scot Marciel, Visiting Scholar at APARC
The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune, 7/05/22 (Author)

What to Watch for at this Week’s NATO Summit

James Goldgeiger, Visiting Scholar at CISAC
Washington Post, 6/29/22 (Author)

The Ukraine War: Five Months On… Impact of Russia’s Invasion and Lessons Learned

Steven Pifer, William J. Perry Fellow at CISAC
CDA Institute, 6/27/22 (Interview)

January 6 and Ukraine

Francis Fukuyama, Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow at FSI
American Purpose, 6/27/22 (Author)


From Riana Pfefferkorn, Research Scholar at the Stanford Internet Observatory:

More FSI Scholars:



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