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Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

The Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies is Stanford University’s hub for nonpartisan, interdisciplinary research, teaching and policy impact in international affairs.





Nuclear Reactors in a War Zone: A New Type of Weapon?

Rodney Ewing, Co-director of CISAC
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 3/07/22 (Author)

Towers of a nuclear reactor at sunset

Image: Canva


From Francis Fukuyama, Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow at FSI:

Preparing for Defeat

American Purpose, 3/10/22 (Author)

American Weakness?

American Purpose, 3/07/22 (Author)

From Rose Gottemoeller, Steven C. Házy Lecturer at CISAC:

How to Stop a New Nuclear Arms Race

Foreign Affairs, 3/09/22 (Author)

Avoiding Escalation is the Absolute Goal, Says ex-NATO Official

CNBC | Squawk Box Asia, 3/07/22 (Interview)

From Oriana Skylar Mastro, FSI Center Fellow:

From Michael McFaul, FSI Director:

Stop Using the Phrase 'No-fly Zone'

MSNBC, 3/11/22 (Interview)

Michael McFaul on The Late Show

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 3/09/22 (Interview)

Ukraine Fights Back

Our America with Julián Castro, 3/09/22 (Interview)

Putin's Fear of a Democratic Ukraine

World Affairs, 3/07/22 (Interview)

From Steven Pifer, William J. Perry Fellow at CISAC:

Russia vs. Ukraine: How Does This End?

Brookings, 3/10/22 (Author)

From Daniel Sneider, FSI Lecturer in International Policy:

From Gi-Wook Shin, Director of Shorenstein APARC:

Mudslinging in Seoul

Der Spiegel, 3/08/22 (Quoted)

From Kathryn Stoner, Mosbacher Director at CDDRL:

The Russian Invasion and a New Global Order

Centre for Independent Studies, 3/08/22 (Interview)

More FSI Scholars:

Accusations (and Evidence) of Russian War Crimes in Ukraine

Norman Naimark, FSI Senior Fellow, by courtesy, at CISAC
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 3/09/22 (Author)

Will Common Prosperity Close the Gap Between Rich and Poor?

Scott Rozelle, Co-director at SCCEI
SOAS China Institute | China in Context, 3/08/22 (Interview)


From Alex Stamos, Director of the Stanford Internet Observatory:

More FSI Scholars:

A Deep Dive into U.S. Intelligence in Russia and Beyond

Amy Zegart, FSI Senior Fellow at CISAC
WBUR | Here and Now, 3/08/22 (Interview)


Overdose Surge Sparks SF Debate Over Harm Reduction

Keith Humphreys, Affiliate at SHP
KQED | Forum, 3/08/22 (Interview)



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