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What’s Eating Putin?
Rose Gottemoeller, Steven C. Házy Lecturer at CISAC (Author)
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 3/03/22

Vladimir Putin Addresses a Rally

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Commentary and Analysis


More from Rose Gottemoeller:

Rose Gottemoeller Says that NATO has Proved its Worth in Dealing with Russia
The Economist, 3/07/22 (Author)

Reflecting on a Week of War
Bloomberg, 3/04/22 (Interview)

Ukraine's Democracy Seen as a Threat to Russia's Kremlin
KTVU Fox 2, 3/04/22 (Interview)

Ukraine Under Siege: What's Next
Commonwealth Club, 3/04/22 (Interview)

Former NATO Deputy Chief Says Putin Seems Disconnected from Reality
Bloomberg, 3/03/22 (Interview)

Top 10 Books: International Women’s Day 2022
International Affairs, 3/03/22 (Featured)

U.S. Postpones Long Range Missile Test Amid Nuclear Tensions with Russia
TIME, 3/02/22 (Quoted)

Former NATO Official Discusses What's Next in Russia-Ukraine Crisis
NBC Bay Area, 3/01/22 (Interview)

Long in the Making: The Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Arms Control TODAY, 3/01/22 (Interview)

Danger Zone: Putin’s Nuclear Threat and What it Means
Grid, 2/28/22 (Quoted)


From Francis Fukuyama, Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow at FSI:

Putin’s War on the Liberal Order
Financial Times, 3/03/22 (Author)

Let’s Talk about Ukraine
Marketplace | Make Me Smart, 3/01/22 (Interview)

Vladimir Putin will Fail at Subduing Ukraine
Nikkei Asia, 3/01/22 (Interview)

From Oriana Skylar Mastro, FSI Center Fellow:

China and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
GB News, 3/06/22 (Interview)

Invasions Are Not Contagious
Foreign Affairs, 3/03/22 (Author)

China, Eying Taiwan, Gets Lesson from Ukraine’s Stiff Resistance
Wall Street Journal, 3/02/22 (Quoted)

Could China Invade Taiwan Like Russia Did Ukraine?
PressPlay Podcast, 3/02/22 (Featured)

From Michael McFaul, FSI Director:

Putin’s Fight in Ukraine ‘Is just a Proxy War for His Fight Against’ the U.S.
MSNBC, 3/04/22 (Interview)

Russia Cracks Down on Dissenting Media, Blocks Facebook, Twitter
CBS 7, 3/04/22 (Quoted)

Russia – Ukraine Conflict: Analysis and Outlook
Washington Speakers Bureau, 3/04/22 (Interview)

A Lot of People in Russia have Woken to Think, "This Guy is Out of Control"
MSNBC, 3/03/22 (Interview)

Michael McFaul Shares His Thoughts on Putin's Behavior
TCH, 3/03/22 (Interview)

Putin is Menacing the World. Here’s How Biden Should Respond to his Nuclear Threats.
Washington Post, 3/03/22 (Author)

We Need to Brace Ourselves; There's More Horror to Come
MSNBC, 3/03/22 (Interview)

Will America Close the Skies Over Ukraine and Sanctions Against Russia
Факти ICTV, 3/03/22 (Interview)

“He Sounds Increasingly Unhinged” — A Former Diplomat on Putin, and the Threat of Nuclear War
Katie Couric Media, 3/02/22 (Interview)

The Problem with the Way We're Framing Sanctions
MSNBC, 3/02/22 (Interview)

‘A New Europe’ United Against Russia — Even Neutral Switzerland
NBC 8, 3/01/22 (Interview)

Julia Ioffe and Michael McFaul on Hell & High Water with John Heilemann
The Recount, 3/01/22 (Interview)

"The Whole World is Against Putin." Michael McFaul on the Conflict in Ukraine, the Nuclear Threat and New Sanctions
TV Rain, 2/28/22 (Interview)

This War is a Dead End for Putin's Regime
CurrentTimeTV, 2/28/22 (Interview)

When Dictators Hold On For Too Long, They Overreach
MSNBC, 2/28/22 (Interview)

War in Ukraine is ‘A Fight for the Future of Freedom’
MSNBC, 2/27/22 (Interview)

From Steven Pifer, William J. Perry Fellow at CISAC:

Ukraine Accuses Putin of 'Nuclear Terror' Over Power Plant Shelling
KQED | Forum
, 3/07/22 (Interview)

Russia's Social Media Crackdown Worrisome Amid Escalating Conflict with Ukraine
KTVU Fox 2
, 3/05/22 (Quoted)

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
WNYC | The Takeaway
, 3/04/22 (Interview)

Ukraine’s Nuclear Threat Today Is Nonexistent
Aviation Week Network
, 3/04/22 (Author)

Bay Area Ukraine-Assistance Organization Lends Helping Hand to Refugees
CBS SF Bay Area, 3/03/22 (Interview)

In One Week of War, Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine May have Veered History in a New Direction
Washington Post
, 3/02/22 (Quoted)

Some Countries Wanted to Stay Neutral: How Russia's Invasion Has Quickly Reshaped Europe
USA Today
, 3/01/22 (Quoted)

From Gi-Wook Shin, Director of Shorenstein APARC:

Experts Urge Caution Against Taking Advantage of Anti-China Sentiment for Election
Korea Times
, 3/07/22 (Quoted)

Bitter Mood Has Given South Korean Elections a Nickname
Radio Sweden
, 3/06/22 (Interview)

South Korea’s Presidential Candidates Face Balancing Act Amid Rising anti-China Sentiment
The Guardian
, 3/06/22 (Quoted)

What South Korea’s Election Means for Biden and Democracy
The National Interest
, 3/06/22 (Quoted)

South Korea’s Raucous Politics: Presidential Election Defined by Mudslinging and Scandal
Financial Times
, 3/02/22 (Quoted)

South Korea Votes, Beijing Watches
American Purpose
, 3/02/22 (Author)

Outlook for Korea’s Presidential Election
Arirang Issue
, 2/10/22 (Interview)

More FSI Scholars:

Russia Resurrected: Its Power and Purpose in a New Global Order
Kathryn Stoner, Mosbacher Director at CDDRL (Interview)
In Pursuit of Development, 3/04/22

What is Going On Inside Vladimir Putin's Head?
Rose Gottemoeller, Steven C. Házy Lecturer at CISAC (Quoted)
Michael McFaul, FSI Director (Quoted)

Steven Pifer, William J. Perry Fellow at CISAC (Quoted)
, 3/02/22

The Ukraine Invasion
James Goldgeiger, Visiting Scholar at CISAC (Interview)
WHYY | Radio Times, 3/01/22

Crisis in Ukraine: Your Questions Answered by Stanford Experts
Michael McFaul, FSI Director (Quoted)

Steven Pifer, William J. Perry Fellow at CISAC (Quoted)
Kathryn Stoner, Mosbacher Director at CDDRL (Quoted)
Stanford Daily
, 2/27/22


From Marietje Schaake, International Policy Director at the Cyber Policy Center:

Big Tech Faces a Moral Reckoning in Ukraine
Financial Times, 3/07/22 (Author)

Limiting Putin's Propaganda: Big Tech & the Russia-Ukraine War
GZERO, 3/03/22 (Interview)

Ukraine War Tests the Power of Tech Giants
New York Times, 2/28/22 (Quoted)

From Renée DiResta, Research Manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory:

As Russia Gains Ground, Ukraine is Winning the Information War
KQED Forum, 3/03/22 (Interview)

Stopping Disinformation on Social Media in Times of War
Bloomberg Business, 3/01/22 (Interview)

Playing Both Sides: Russian State-Backed Media Coverage of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement
The International Journal of Press/Politics, 2/28/22 (Author)

From Alex Stamos, Director of the Stanford Internet Observatory:

TikTok has Long Tried to Stay Out of Politics. Russia’s Invasion is Making that Harder.
Washington Post, 3/04/22 (Quoted)

Fact and Mythmaking Blend in Ukraine’s Information War
New York Times, 3/03/22 (Quoted)

From Amy Zegart, FSI Senior Fellow at CISAC:

The Weapon the West Used Against Putin
The Atlantic, 3/05/22 (Author)

Overcoming Foreign Influence in Social Media
Policy Ed
, 3/01/22 (Interview)

More FSI Scholars:

State Media, Social Media, and the Conflict in Ukraine
Renée DiResta, Research Manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory (Interview)
Michael McFaul, FSI Director (Interview)
Nathaniel Persily, Co-director of the Cyber Policy Center (Interview)
Marietje Schaake, International Policy Director at the Cyber Policy Center (Interview)
Alex Stamos, Director of the Stanford Internet Observatory (Interview)
Tech Policy Press, 3/06/22

Seven Tips for Spotting Disinformation Related to the Russia-Ukraine Conflict
Shelby Grossman, Research Scholar at the Stanford Internet Observatory (Featured)
Stanford News, 3/03/22

Russia's Space Chief Says Hacking Satellites 'A Cause for War'
Christopher Painter, Affiliate at CISAC (Quoted)
Politico, 3/02/22


Lasering In on Corn Fields
David LobellGloria and Richard Kushel Director of FSE (Featured)
NASA Earth Observatory, 3/07/22

How Taiwan Used Simple Tech to Help Contain Covid-19
Jason Wang, Core Faculty at SHP (Quoted)
BBC, 2/24/22



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