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Sanction Russia Now!
Francis Fukuyama, Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow at FSI (Author)
American Purpose, 2/22/22

Ukrainians protest Russian aggression

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More from FSI Scholars on the Ukraine-Russia Crisis:

From Rose Gottemoeller, Steven C. Házy Lecturer at CISAC:

‘Cold War, Part 2’: How Putin is Dragging America back to the Bad Old Days
Politico, 2/21/22 (Quoted)

Putin Ratchets Up Tension with Moves in Eastern Ukraine
The Hill, 2/21/22 (Quoted)

The Russia-Ukraine Crisis: A Panel of Experts Discuss
CBS | Intelligence Matters, 2/16/22 (Interview)

The Ukrainian Army Will be Defeated
Times Radio, 2/14/22 (Interview)

From Oriana Skylar Mastro, FSI Center Fellow:

Why is China supporting Russia on Nato?
BBC World Service, 2/18/22 (Interview)

From Michael McFaul, FSI Director:

Putin Just Invaded Ukraine, says Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia
MSNBC, 2/21/22 (Interview)

It Sounded Like There’s ‘Much More to Come’ from Putin
MSNBC, 2/21/22 (Interview)

Putin Orders Troops to Eastern Ukraine
MSNBC, 2/21/22 (Interview)

U.S., Russia Go Toe-to-Toe in Information War Over Ukraine
VOA, 2/20/22 (Quoted)

Firing Line: Michael McFaul
Firing Line with Margaret Hoover, 2/19/22 (Interview)

Biden ‘Convinced’ Putin has Decided to Invade Ukraine
MSNBC, 2/18/22 (Interview)

This Is 'A Very Grave Moment' Says Fmr. Ambassador To Russia On Ukraine Crisis
MSNBC, 2/18/22 (Interview)

A Possible Timeline for Putin to Make a Decision in Eastern Europe
CNBC, 2/17/22 (Interview)

‘Cyber Will Play A Significant Role’ As Ukraine Crisis Plays Out
MSNBC, 2/17/22 (Interview)

Ukraine Tensions Remain Elevated as Mood at Munich Security Conference is Dark
CNBC, 2/17/22 (Interview)

How Putin’s War Could Cost Biden with American Voters
NBC News, 2/16/22 (Interview)

I Don't Think Putin Knows What He Wants to Do
CNBC, 2/16/22 (Interview)

Is History Repeating Itself in Ukraine?
NBC News, 2/16/22 (Interview)

Kremlin’s Power Play: What’s Next for Ukraine?
Chicago University Institute of Politics, 2/14/22 (Featured)

No Sign that Putin has Stopped his ‘March Towards War'
CNBC, 2/14/22 (Interview)

The 'Big Asymmetry' Between Russia and Ukraine on the Military Side is 'In the Air'
CNBC, 2/13/22 (Interview)

From Steven Pifer, William J. Perry Fellow at CISAC:

Putin Makes his Move in Ukraine
NPR | 1A, 2/22/22 (Interview)

Russian Escalation in Ukraine: Brookings Experts Assess the Situation
Brookings, 2/21/22 (Interview)

President Biden Warns of Imminent Russian Attack on Ukraine
KQED | Forum, 2/18/22 (Interview)

The Ukraine Crisis
KRON 4, 2/17/22 (Interview)

The Kremlin Paints Itself into a Corner
CISAC News, 2/14/22 (Author)

From Alex Stamos, Director of the Stanford Internet Observatory:

Alex Stamos on Ukraine
In Lieu of Fun, 2/16/22 (Interview)

From Kathryn Stoner, Mosbacher Director of CDDRL:

Bay Area's Ukrainian-American Community Concerned as Conflict Develops
NBC Bay Area, 2/21/22 (Interview)

Local Experts Weigh in on Russia-Ukraine Crisis
NBC Bay Area, 2/21/22 (Interview)


From Gi-Wook Shin, Director of Shorenstein APARC:

Anti-China Sentiment Runs High in South Korea During Beijing Winter Olympics
The Straits Times, 2/18/22 (Quoted)

Stanford University Plans Event to Promote Human Rights in North Korea
VOA Korea, 2/16/22 (Featured)

K-Pop Stars, Too, Should Speak Out on Human Rights Issues
Chosun Ilbo, 2/09/22 (Interview)

More FSI Scholars:

A New International Authoritarianism
Abbas Milani, Affiliate at CDDRL (Interview)
DAWN, 2/10/22


From Marietje Schaake, International Policy Director at the Cyber Policy Center:

The Attack has Already Started in the Cyber World
Netherland News Live, 2/17/22 (Author)

Constant Russian Attacks on Ukraine in Cyberspace
GZERO, 2/17/22 (Interview)

More FSI Scholars:

Spies, Lies and Algorithms with Amy Zegart
Amy Zegart, FSI Senior Fellow at CISAC (Interview)
The Hayden Center, 2/20/22

California Bills Aim at Social Media, Medical Disinformation
Nathaniel Persily, Co-director of the Cyber Policy Center (Quoted)
KCRA 3, 2/15/22

China’s Tech Giants Push Toward an $8 trillion Metaverse Opportunity — One that will be Highly Regulated
Charles Mok, Visiting Scholar at GDPi (Quoted)
CNBC, 2/13/22


From Keith Humphreys, Affiliate at SHP:

What Two Decades of Data on Overdose Suicides Shows about Mental Health Care Disparities
PBS Newshour, 2/17/22 (Featured)

A Rising Death Toll
New York Times, 2/13/22 (Quoted)



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